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We will help you comply with tax laws, all while ensuring you are fully benefiting from the tax credits available to you.


Services include:

  • Personal Tax Deductions and Credits

  • Advice on CRA Assessments and re-assessments

  • Filing of back taxes and dispute with CRA

  • Co-ordination of Canadian and US tax filings

  • Advice regarding all matters concerning incorporation

We will help you develop strategies that realize your personal and corporate potential. 


Personal Tax Services include:

  • Individual personal tax preparation and filing

  • Trust returns

  • Assistance with assessments, reassessments and notices of objection

  • Retirement planning

  • Estate tax planning

  • Inheritance

  • Tax minimization strategies

  • Exploration of income splitting and capital asset disposition strategies


Corporate Tax Services include:

  • Corporate tax planning

  • Tax minimization strategies

  • Assistance with assessments, reassessments and notices of objection

  • Federal and provincial tax returns

  • Goods and services tax returns

  • Information returns

  • Real estate tax planning


Our taxation services include personal, both Canadian and United States, corporate tax, commodity tax services including GST, QST and HST, estate and inheritance tax planning, tax support for mergers, acquisitions and second generation succession tax planning and needs.


Working with you to develop a strong foundation for your legacy.

Goals have changed from creating wealth to safeguarding it, ensuring there is a plan to leave a lasting legacy for your family. Our tax professionals can ensure that an owner’s estate protects all assets and is tax efficient.

We view your business as a whole and actively work with you to develop and improve it.


We have a thorough understanding of the problems and opportunities small business owners experience. Our tax experts specialize in providing exceptional accounting and taxation services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your business.

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